Schedule a Photo Shoot

Hi friends,

My name is Rosie, and I LOVE photography! It started as a hobby, which then grew into a passion as I realized how much I enjoyed capturing a person’s entire being in a single photograph.

I started professionally in April 2013 after many months of wondering how I could use this passion to create something meaningful.
Solution? I  pledge to donate [at least] 10% of profits each month to a requested charity or local organization. You can see past recipients here.
In doing so, I never have to worry if my photography will ever make a difference, or if what I do has any meaning — because, thanks to you guys and gals, it always will.
So, check out my prices and my past work, and contact me at if you are interested in getting beautiful photos AND helping my business give back to the community!
In everything we do, let’s make this world a better place 🙂


The Photographer 🙂

*Photo Credit: Wes Warfield

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